Summary of project

There are more than 2500 youth travel accommodation operations across 100 countries, in this niche segment. For any organization it is important to differentiate itself from others and create a distinct identity. An identity which is unique not only in this segment but also which stands out in the industry. To develop that identity, it … More Summary of project

#3: Journey map workshop

Wednesday’s class focused on Journey Mapping, we got to participate in a journey mapping workshop, and finally, we heard about hotel loyalty marketing from very interesting guest lecturers. So how have today’s concepts shaped my thoughts and changed the way I think about CRM in the Hospitality industry? The use of personas in journey mapping  First of all; the use … More #3: Journey map workshop

Self Reflection Day 3

Written by Karan Kapoor, B00651986 After learning about what  personas are yesterday, today was action day, where we had to work with our team members and put our learnings into action and develop personas and create journey maps. Think, brainstorm about personas, we made few assumptions while creating the persona, however, we made use of … More Self Reflection Day 3


Put the learning of persona into practice, hearing other groups persona description making me understand more on persona, it touches even the not obvious side of a personality, such as security concern, food concern but which could generate consumer insight. the Journey Map starts from the process where consumer booked until review, and by going … More SELF-REFLECTION D3