Day 3: Journey mapping

When it comes to brainstorming and creativity, I am quite old school and love nothing more than having a blank paper and a pen, even though I think that it isn’t the easiest way to communicate around an idea: it is visually less linear, you don’t always understand someone else’s drawing or writing and it quickly gets messy. However the way I see it, that’s what makes its value: the messiness that takes away the fear of the white screen.

Building a journey map for James was a long process as we had to add more depth into our persona to be fully able to understand each of his steps and making him go through the RACE funnel: it was fastidious to have to debate over each step and figure out what would he do, but I found really interesting trying to anticipate how touchpoints would impact James’ emotions.

The Calzon Rezidor speakers definitely made the theory much more concrete, showing how they put it into practice in their own business: I never thought the “behind of the scene” of loyalty programs would be so intricate. The loyalty programs are even more efficient when baring in mind our persona’s journey as they have to feel custom-made and differentiate themselves from the other companies’ loyalty programs.








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