Content marketing for our G-life loyalty program

We based our marketing plan not only on our persona and its journey map, but also on our own research: a survey involving 142 respondents from all over the world, mainly aged 18-31 (87%): The Generator survey – infographics

generator awareness


  1. Attract business travellers aged 23-35 and retain previous business customers
  2. Position the Generator as the best solution for business travellers between impersonal expensive hotels and noisy unreliable hostels


  1. Increase number of new business members
  2. Raise brand awareness among business travellers by 20%


Targeting the first steps of James’ journey: converting leads into customers

  1. Highlight content that matters for business travellers on website (information on breakfast time, work space facilities…) as it is step one of James’ journey
  1. Focus on digital medial:
    • producing written content on social peer-to-peer media like Linkedin, Facebook, Tripadvisor by answering reviews
    • producing regular video content through Snapshat, Youtube video snippets showing the G-life experience and partnering with travel vloggers

3. Become the best source of information on business-related events in the towns we    are in and host punctual workshops with local companies to have an added-value

4. Raise brand awareness: have a referral program where G-life customers earn free   drinks when they sponsor another member of their company in order to

Targeting the customers’ pains and gains throughout the travelling experience and hostel stay: retaining customers

  1. Develop partnerships with third party agents and complementary services such as Uber for loyal customers
  2. Develop informative content on the city on the Parallel magazine and on the app


  1. Increase number of business members by 20%
  2. Get business travellers to stay with us 12 times in 6 month
  3. Reduce time between stays to a maximum of 2 weeks for the targeted audience
  4. Have 50% of our customers leaving a review and 90% of the reviews being in the “Excellent” or “Very good” category



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